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Frequently asked questions for Huron Toilet Rentals

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Huron Toilet Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get asked. If you still have more questions please give us a call or send us a msg.

How many units will I need for my event?

MOL has strict guidelines for how many flush toilets are required for workers in the work place. Call us to discuss these requirements.

For special events, we recommend … (See Chart)

What is included in my rental price?

Depending on the model requested, the unit may come with a urinal, flush toilet, sink, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer and waste basket. Please check our model lineup, to see what is included with each unit.

Am I covered if the unit gets damaged or stolen?

N0! You will be required to replace the unit if it gets stolen or pay for any repairs that are required, if the unit is damaged.

How often are the units cleaned?

Units are serviced and restocked on a weekly basis.

How far in advance should I book?

While we do accept last minute bookings for units; if the delivery location is not located on the route for the driver that day or week, there could be a delivery fee.

For multiple units or special events, generally 2 weeks notice is recommended, so that we can make sure to have your model available.

If booking for a large event or more than 5 units, we would like to have one month’s notice to ensure availability.

Do you have units that flush?

Yes, all of our Deluxe models (MOL compliant) and our Special event models are flushable.

The majority of our units come with, a hand wash station and hand soap dispenser. We provide hand sanitizer in all units that do not have a hand wash station.